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CSE dept.

This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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Cell phoneLGLG-P500NowArne LindeE4464-
Cell phoneSamsungGalaxy S+NowArne LindeE4464324985
Cell phoneSamsungGalaxy S+NowArne LindeE4464326516
Cell phoneSamsungGalaxy SIINowArne LindeE4464331205
Cell phoneSamsungGalaxy 5NowArne LindeE4464-
Cell phoneAppleiPhone 31-2 DaysArne LindeE4464-
Game consoleAppleiPod touchNowArne LindeE4464-
Game consoleMickrosoftXbox 360NowArne LindeE4464-
Game consoleMickrosoftXbox 360NowArne LindeE4464-
eReaderASUSTransformerNowArne LindeE446400410
eReaderAppleIPad 21-2 DaysArne LindeE4464------
FPGAALTERADE21-2 DaysArne LindeE4464#16
FPGADigilentNexys 3NowArne LindeE4464#26

Unavailable equipment

Cell phoneSamsungGalaxy S+-Axel Ljungkvist-324986
Cell phoneSamsungGalaxy S+-Tielas Herandez-326515
Cell phoneSamsungGalaxy S+-Henrik Sandklef-326517
Cell phoneSamsungGalaxy S+-Henrik Sandklef-324984
Cell phoneSamsungGalaxy S+-Henrik Sandklef-324987
Cell phoneSamsungGalaxy S+-Henrik Sandklef-326514


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