Patients’ experience of important factors in the healthcare environment in oncology care

Författare: Brovall M., Koinberg I., Falk H. Wijk H.

Institution: Caring Science Sahlgrenska Academy

The aim of this study was to describe what factors of the healthcare environment patients in oncology care perceived as being important.

Design A qualitative design was adopted using focus group interviews.

Setting and participants A sample of eleven patients with different cancer diagnosis in an oncology ward at a university hospital in west Sweden.

Results The analysis of the patients’ perceptions of the environment indicated a complex entity comprising several aspects. These came together in a structure consisting of three main categories: Safety; Partnership with the staff; and Physical space. The care environment is perceived as a complex entity, made up of several physical and psychosocial aspects, where the combined factors form some sort of common pattern in which the physical factors are subordinated by the psychosocial factors. It is clearly demonstrated that: the patients’ primary desire was a psychosocial environment where they were seen as a unique person; the patients wanted opportunities for good encounters with staff, fellow patients and family members, supported by a good physical environment; the patients valued highly a place to withdraw and rest.

Conclusions This study presents those attributes which cancer patients’ value as crucial and important for the support of their well-being and functioning. The results show that physical aspects were subordinated to the psychosocial factors, which emerged strongly as being the most important in a caring environment.

Keywords: Patients’ experience, patient perspective, oncological care, physical and psychosocial factors, person-centred care.

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