Please submit your ideas! Anything from a picture of a napkin sketch to a fully vectorized logo is welcome.


Víctor López Juan's designs

Plain, AGD∀, full symmetry

Square, AGD∀

Square, AGD∀, Inverse

Rectangle, ∀GDA

Rectangle, AGDA

Rectangle, AGD∀

Plain, AGDA

Aive Kalmus' designs

Hexagonal design

Rounded coloured text

Diagonal text

Text made of circles

G/D text * 2

All Gs

Wen's designs


Design based on "All Gs" by Aive Kalmus (see above). The SVG is available here

"Super Agda"

Design based on "Hexagonal design" by Aive Kalmus (see above).

"Trans Rights"

Design based on "Ulf's design" by Ulf Norell (see below).

Ulf's design

Agda Logo

Gallais' design

"Agda goal"

Agda2 logo

Zambonifofex’s designs

"The four 'a's"

"Wrapped lowercase"


More designs


Adga in the standard font, in color since it typechecks

Scratchpad sketches

"Napkin sketch": Rectangular letters

"Propositional equality"



"Beacon of light"

Mietek’s design

Agda the Hen (Hönan Agda)

jonaprieto's designs

Sketches based on some elements of the Agda syntax and some cats found on google images.

Some more napkin suggestions:

large letters:


small letters:

Submission by Toby Thain

SVG on request.

Submission by Péter Diviánszky

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