Fixed bugs

Bug Id Short Description Submitted by Status
20070527-0 Example bug Ulf Norell Fixed
20070528-0 Impossible: ConcreteToAbstract.hs:736 Alexandre Buisse Fixed
20070529-0 darcs version segfaults Alexandre Buisse Closed
20070530-0 Sigma types and large eliminations James Chapman Fixed
20070530-1 Problem when opening a parametriced main module Ana Bove Fixed
20070530-5 local open of modules with implicit arguments NAD Fixed
20070530-7 termination checker crashes if recursive calls have different number of args Ulf Norell Fixed
20070601-2 Do something about undo in the Emacs interface. NAD Closed
20070530-2 Local module shadowing assymetry Patrik Jansson Fixed
20070603-1 Agda silently exits if constructor name = data type name Andreas Abel Fixed
20070530-4 structurally recursive program (with 'with' clauses) not accepted by termination checker James Chapman Fixed
20070606-1 The order of disjoint clauses matters Andreas Closed
20070606-4 Type checker screws up when hidden argument is inserted Andreas Fixed
20070607-0 Parsing ambiguousness should use fully qualified names Alexandre Buisse Fixed
20070606-2 The middle mouse button does not paste in the emacs mode Andreas Fixed
20070613-3 Identifiers cannot start with a digit. NAD Fixed
20070613-2 Module names not checked. NAD Fixed
20070613-1 Positivity checker can't see through abstract. NAD Fixed
20070614-3 NATMINUS is inflexible. NAD Fixed
20070606-3 Unlocateable unsolved Meta-Var Andreas Fixed
20070614-2 Syntax of forall. NAD Fixed
20070619-2 With clause pattern _ is not an instance of its parent pattern NAD Closed
20070619-1 open public interacts poorly with parameterised modules. NAD Fixed
20070725-1 Open public followed by abstracting instantiation doesn't work Ulf Fixed
20070711-1 Scope error in mutual definition James Chapman Closed
20070723-1 Lexicographic termination James Chapman Fixed
20070815-1 Constructors in parameterised modules have wrong type Ulf Fixed
20070628-1 Modules are not allowed in mutual blocks. NAD Closed
20070626-1 Postulates are not allowed in mutual blocks. NAD Closed
20070913-1 ConcreteToAbstract.hs:225: the impossible ocurred during termination check Wouter Swierstra Fixed
20070627-1 Module system bug(s). NAD Closed
20070627-2 where clause becomes abstract for no apparent reason. NAD Fixed
20070614-1 panic: Not in scope NAD Fixed
20071012-2 refine forgetts (,) Ana Bove Fixed
20071012-1 Exception when refining (though correct expression) Ana Bove Fixed
20070821-1 wrong parentheses when refining Max Schaefer Fixed
20070702-1 Impossible substitution of literal? NAD Fixed
20070822-1 variables declared with 'let' cannot be used under a lambda-binder Ulrich Schoepp Fixed
20070616-1 Positivity checker can see through abstract. NAD Fixed
20070920-1 Postulates in mutual definition throws Syntax.Concrete.Definitions.DeclarationException. Wouter Swierstra Fixed
20070531-1 Termination problems are not displayed for imported modules. NAD Fixed
20070701-1 Pattern variables can shadow each other. NAD Fixed
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