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Mailing Lists

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

There is an #agda IRC channel on Libera Chat. (Connect to Anything goes, as long as it's vaguely related to Agda. History logs have been kept by Laney, but seem no longer available as of 2021.

IRC client recommendations include:


There is a public Agda Zulip server, where you can ask questions and discuss anything related to Agda. If you join, feel free to post a bit about yourself and your interest in Agda in the #newcomers stream.


There is also a public Agda Discord server. We are encouraging people to use Zulip over Discord since that is where most of the community is and its threading model facilitates asynchronous communication. However, the Discord can be used for live voice and video communication as well as screen sharing, which Zulip does not support.

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