Agda Implementors' Meeting XXX

The thirtieth Agda Implementors' Meeting will take place in Munich, Germany from 2019-09-11 to 2019-09-17 (Wednesday to Tuesday). The meeting will be similar to previous ones:

  • Presentations concerning theory, implementation, and use cases of Agda.
  • Discussions around issues of the Agda language.
  • Plenty of time to work on or in Agda, in collaboration with the other participants.

Important dates

Registration deadline (soft)
2019-09-11 (Wed) to 2019-09-17 (Tue)


You can register for the meeting by filling out the form below and emailing it to Chuangjie Xu.

There is no registration fee. Coffee breaks would be included. Transportation, accommodation and meals are to be covered by the participant.

    Registration form for Agda Implementors' Meeting XXX


    Title and optionally abstract (if you want to give a talk or lead a discussion):

    Suggestions for code sprints (optional):

    Additional comments:


The meeting will take place in Room B349 of our institute:

    Mathematisches Institut
    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
    Theresienstr. 39
    80333 Munich

More information

will be added later.