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CSE dept.

This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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CE "biweekly" meeting

Nov 14, 2008


  • Second iteration of Research Course concept
- Way of financing PhD / master level courses
- Draft similar to last one; likely close to final version
  • Christer C will want staffing plans for all courses
  • State-of-the-programme meeting for IESD planned


  • One VR grant for the division (Per S)
- Five total for Department (also Magnus Björk, Devdatt, John, Andrei)


  • Expect three new PhD students in early 2009
- Per L-E, Per S, Sally
  • Thomas Arts offered the Chair in Software Engineering
- Not yet tied to a department (CSE or ITIT)
- Might help alignment of SE master programmes?
  • Ricardo del Barrio (PhD student, Malaga) visiting Per S (Dec - Feb)

IT support

  • Gradual move to new user platform with backed-up home directories at ITS servers and additional large directories locally
  • Full platforms exist now for Linux and Windows
- testers wanted :-)

Department issues

  • Reduction of faculty funding for CE in 2009
- Impact not yet fully understood
  • action plan to increase external funding by 33% (37M -> 50M)
- YFo group will focus on this issue
- Plan for postdocs to offload seniors (see below)

Chalmers issues

  • VP: Plan to hire postdocs to offload seniors appreciated
- might go through depending on funding
  • Chalmers has asked all depts. to list topic areas where we are top-2 (3?) in Sweden
- To be used in applying for new faculty funding according to govt. budget (deadline in March/April)
- Working groups will be assigned
  • No new Linnaeus grants in 2009
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