All these pages are obsolete!

The information below is not up-to-date, please don't rely on it

Education at the CSE department (obsolete)

Info for teachers - Useful information for teachers at CSE

Course planning - processes related to development and maintenance of course plans

CSALL special courses - research-oriented special courses, with a fairly general course plan but dedicated to a specific area of study

Rules and regulations for examiners - the legal framework for the role of examiner at Swedish universities

Info for PhD students

Even more obsolete pages

Course clusters - some groups of related courses and their teaching teams.

Travel support - the CSE department may support travel for MSc thesis students - Useful information for teachers at the SEM bachelor program and SE master.

Education strategy 2015 - workshop, June 2014

MSc thesis quality project plan (2014)

Process for choosing courses 2013

Follow-up contracts with programs 2013

Budget planning 2014

HSV evaluation (2013) - materials and links needed for HSV evaluation at CSE

GruKom (2008-2011) Grundutbildningskommittémöten!

GruAdm (2008-2011) Grundutbildningsadministrationsmöten!

Very old pages from 2008-2009

Plan HT 2008 Tidslinje för grundutbildningen hösten '08


Roles Who does what when it comes to the CSE education