Master thesis is usually the first full research project that many of our students do in their education. This is also the last course and activity that they do before they go into their working life. Those two factors make it very important for the students to get the right support in this course and to be able to finish the thesis within the given time in order to move on into their professional life with a diploma in their hands.

The purpose of this project is to unify the handling of master theses at the department, align the examinations expectations and (above all) to provide students with the possibility to reach the expected learning objectives.

Elements of the project

In this project we intend to improve the following elements of the process of handling master theses at the department:

  1. Communication support
  2. Thesis definition - career planning
  3. Research methodology
  4. Examination -
  5. Handling of status of the thesis (including applications)
  6. CSE award - recognition of outstanding master theses at the department

Current status (May 2014)

  • new webpage in Place
  • students have been informed
  • informing teachers (per division) is in progress
  • preparing the new template for thesis proposals


Fall 2013:

  • Establish the thesis process as a course
  • Find the teacher responsible for the thesis project/course

Spring 2014:

  • Establish workshops with language support
  • Find responsible for research methodology

Fall 2014

  • Find an IT system to support application process
  • Separate the role of examiner and supervisor
  • CSE award