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Where can I get an overview of the CSE education?

Courses at the CSE department:

Where do I find the course homepage for course SomeName?

The student portal www.student.chalmers.se is the first place to look for Chalmers courses and http://www.utbildning.gu.se/ for GU courses.

Direct links if you know the course code look like

ECTS grade interpretation for GU

  • Guidelines at GU from 2008: VG -> {A, B}, G -> {C, D, E}, U -> {F, Fx}
    • Normally, you don't need to set ECTS grades - the GU system is explained in the diploma supplement instead.
    • roughly distribution of passing students: A 10%, B 25%, C 30%, D 25%, E 10%
    • (if 25% fail we get: 25% VG, 50% G, 25% U)

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