Information for Teachers at CSE

Here you can find links to information that might be useful to teachers.
If there is no answer to your question on this page please contact the director of studies in charge of your course or the CSE Student Office

Table of contents:

Course Descriptions/Course Plans

  • CTH:
    • Course plans available at Studieportalen.
    • Regulations and guidelines for (examination and course descriptions at CTH).
    • Studieportalen is open for editing in January-February each year.
      Changes in the pre-requisites or in course moments can only be done by the programme secretary.
      Programmes first create the course for the following academic year, then teachers can modify the description, finally the programme responsible approves the course plans.
  • GU:
    • Course plans available at GU GUL or hitta kursplan.
    • The schedule and examination date needs to be on the open pages og GUL at least 2 weeks before the first day of the course.
    • The literature list needs to be on GUL no later than 8 weeks before the course starts.
    • For GU courses at Johanneberg:
      • The student office helps with linking most information of the course from GUL.
      • Some time before the course the student office mails the course responsible asking for the literature in the course and the link to the web page.
    • For GU courses at Lindholmen:
      • Teacher need to send schedule and literature list to the student office.
    • Course plans should be prepared about 1 year in advance.
      Communicate with Åsa Samdell if you wish to modify the pre-requisites or the course moments.
      Åsa should have the latest version of the document or a template to be used for first time course plans. The modified document should be sent to Åsa who will go through it and suggest correction if needed. Once the document is formally approved it will be available at GUL.

Check also the departmental pages on the process related to course plans.

Course Evaluations

  • CTH:
    • All courses should be evaluated. The process (which applies to all courses) is described here (in Swedish).
    • Questionnaires for CTH courses are sent centrally.
  • GU:
    • If the GU course has a CTH code then the CTH process is applied.
    • Courses which have no CTH code should also be evaluated. Questionnaires for GU courses at DV programme are sent by someone at CSE student office.

Course Schema

  • At CTH the course schema is fixed by Usually they start from last year schema. Communicate with them if you wish to perform any change in your course.
  • The schema for pure GU courses at the DV programme is also done by schema group at CTH.
  • Schema in Time Edit.
  • Check the schedule once it is available.
  • Click here for information about teaching rooms.

Course Web Pages

The web page of a course should be available at the latest 3 weeks before the course starts.
In practice course web pages serve as what is called "course PM" so the page should at least contain the information required in the course PM (see point 1.3.2 of the following document, in Swedish). A document (pdf) with the course PM should be sent to the

Among other things it should contain:

  • Schedule of the course.
  • Course literature.
  • Name of people involved in the course.

Course web pages should be done using


  • At CTH, exams dates are usually fixed centrally by Dates will appear in the Studieportalen once they are formally decided.
    Dates for pure GU exams are fixed internally.
  • Inst exams are administrate by the teacher, try to avoid this kind of exam in your course.
  • The process around exams in computer rooms is not quite developed, communicate in advance with the director of studies for your course to make sure things are done properly.
  • Exams dates are published at our web pages; there, you will also be able to see the location (the building; the exam room is fixed on the day of the exam) and how many have registered to the exam.
  • At least 2 days before the exam you need to take the necessary number of copies to the exam office in the building where the exam of your course take place.
  • Information about exam's administration is available in Swedish.
  • The teacher is responsible for delivering the exams and will not get a reminder.
  • A copy of the exam should be also archived so leave a copy to the Student office in the EDIT building.
  • If you cannot deliver the exam to the exam administration and need help with this you can leave a copy to the Student Office or email it as a pdf-file to at least 5 working days before the exam date.
  • This link contains some information and rules regarding exams at CTH. In particular you will find information on:
    • Exams taken at another venue.
    • Answers to examination questions.
    • Reporting of examination results.
    • Checking the examination (tentagranskning).
    • Examination instructions – layout and contents.
  • Information about Double examination.


Master thesis

Information about master thesis can be found in our web pages.

Number of Students in a Course

  • The nr. of students in a course might not be known until the course has started. Ask the director of studies in charge of your course for an estimation.
  • Not all the registered students in a course go to the lectures or exercise classes. Many students register to a course and don't actually follow it.
  • Deadline for first obligatory lab/assignment can give you a good indication of how many are actually following the course.

It is important that all students that follow the course are properly registered to it. If a student is not registered in the course, his/her results cannot be reported in Ladok. This applies both to CTH and GU.

Rules regarding studies at CTH and GU

Teaching Rooms