Things to take up in the budget planning:

  • OOP course for M - M students should attend the course for Elektro (Jorgen has preliminary said ok, M also ok)
  • Advanced topics in computer systems and networks (DAT146): I was wondering whether we can teaching DAT146 over two study periods. Currently (2013), we teach it in period 1. It would be great to teach it in period 1 and 2 starting from 2014.
  • Project proposal from Christian Berger https://gubox.box.com/s/wa6fmhyoconap1c253f2
  • (Wolfgang) A new first programming course in IT programme (implementing the insights from the ongoing project on new ways of teaching programming). The challenge is that the results of the ongoing project are planed to be in October or so. We therefore don't know yet the details of the course redesign. At the same time, we cannot afford waiting until 2015. For the budget planing, we seek a good compromise between planing to early or waiting too long.
  • (Wolfgang) Role assignments in IT programme's student project groups that disfavor girls. We may address this in the first project course (TDA367). Probably, the additional resources come from outside the D&IT department, but I mention it here because it affects a D&IT course.
  • (Wolfgang) Continue pre-programming project. This is probably self financing (let's discuss this), but should be on the map.
  • (Agneta+Wolfgang) Översyn och uppdatering av SE programmet. SE avdelningen har under det senaste året rekryterat ett flertal nya seniora fakultets-medlemmar. Programledningen önskar identifiera aktuella forskningsinriktningar och intressen för att diskutera programmets kurser och uppdateringar eller nyutvecklingar av dessa i linje med nya fakultetsmedlemmars forskningsinriktningar. Översyn av programmet skulle också utreda möjligheter till större flexibilitet i valet av kurser inom programmet, inklusive tydligare val av olika inriktningar eller specialiseringar.
  • PROMPT - cooperation with MDH and BTH to allow industry practitioners to read our courses
  • DIT277 Industrial Practice Project - introduce this to Chalmers students and make it a real course.