This webpage contains information required to develop and maintain course plans at CSE - both for Chalmers and University of Gothenburg.

Please note! Suggesting new courses should be discussed with the divisions before they come up to the department level. This should be done before June.

Overview of the process can be found in this presentation

Please note that there are three types of courses at the department:

  • Joint courses - Courses which are jointly owned by Chalmers and University of Gothenburg - they have two codes.
  • Chalmers courses - Courses which are owned only by Chalmers University of Technology
  • GU courses - Courses which are owned only by the University of Gothenburg

This webpage contains references to the course plan development and maintenance work for all three types. Since the planning differs between these three categories, please make sure that you follow the right process for your course. If you are not sure which type your course is, please consult your director of studies or head of student office at CSE - Åsa Samdell.


  1. Examiner/teacher presents an idea for the new course during the VP dialog between the department and the division
  2. Head of student office sends the information to the examiner what is required to prepare a preliminary plan (1 pager)
  3. 1 pager is discussed between the department and the UO in June - a decision is made whether this course should be further developed
  4. UO solicits the course from the department
  5. Examiner/teacher creates the course plan for GU, Chalmers or both (template available from Åsa Samdell)
  6. Examiner/teacher sends the course plan to the department and to the Chalmers student office
  7. Department/student office puts the course plan in GUBAS/Studieportalen

The deadlines are restricted by:

  • Chalmers course budget process (30/9 under 2012)
  • University's catalogue work (1/11 under 2012)

Please note that because of the fact that the budget process at Chalmers is now done in September, the department needs to know about new courses at Chalmers only at the same time as for shared courses.

Please note that because of the catalogue work at GU the department needs to have full course plans for GU courses in September.

Other revisions All other revisions to the course plans can be done up until February (for courses starting in September or later).

Support If you need any help with the information, please contact:

  • Åsa Samdell
  • Miroslaw Staron

We will provide templates for shared courses to support the course planning work - in particular to make sure that the course plans are synchronized.