Exjobbs quotas for 2008 for CS+SET people, following the guidelines below
Top-level guidelines for MSc thesis supervision / examination
  • each teacher (unless otherwise agreed upon) should start supervision of at least
    • 3 if teaching 25%
    • 4 if teaching 50%
    • 6 if teaching 100%
    new MSc theses per 12 month period i.e. you should at any point in time have taken this many new MSc thesis in the past 12 months
  • each MSc thesis is the work of 1-2 students
  • each MSc thesis counts as 35h

The supervision need can be estimated from the student numbers in the second year of the MSc: approximately 230 for the CSE department as a whole.

Follow-up statistics on the number of students passed a CSE department MSc thesis defence
Many MSc-thesis requests: supervisors wanted

It is very encouraging to see the big student interest in doing a MSc-thesis in the CSE area. The students invest around 125 man-years of academic work in this "course" every year and the MSc-thesis supervision brings in around 6M SEK per year to the department. Currently we have a queue of more than ten proposed thesis projects and more are coming in as you read this so, please, take your share of the supervision. From 080101 Erland Holmström is the central CSE-contact for the MSc theses work and he will have one MSc subject representative for each of the six MSc-programmes to help managing the "CSE MSc thesis course". But, as always, they depend on you all to allocate time for thesis supervision. Thanks in advance, Patrik

The "MSc thesis course homepage":

We are working on describing the new CSE MSc thesis course starting 08/09.