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This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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No CE biweekly meeting

Jan 23, 2009

No meeting today, but here are some notes from the ILG meeting


- The economy might shore up the applications until 2011, but by then we better have any programme/actions/etc in place
- Positive feelings towards a unified programme for the first 3 years
- Positive feelings towards an IT style programme for social-science students
- The entire masters level offering must be reviewed
- Catarina to formulate dept's answer
  • Work ongoing to elucidate effects of tuition fees


  • Applications for strategic plan are being worked on:
- ICT with S2 and MC2 (the big one)
- Language technology with GU
- Contributions to Electric Power Engineering?
- Contributions to Production Technology?
  • ICT application will have a communication mass center
- Companies to enlist?
-- Ericsson
-- Nema Labs, other startups
-- Sun, Intel
-- Volvo Technology
-- More? Email Catarina.
  • Nobody seems to be going for the E-science pot!

Department issues

  • Dept. economical result is very good this year
- It should be possible to offload seniors
- YFos to work on this or other plan


  • 16 applications for the two positions in Software Engineering
  • Ana Bove has given her docent lecture and is now officially an "oavlönad docent"
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