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This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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(No) CE biweekly meeting

Nov 15, 2010

Lars cannot make it on Nov 15 so here is a summary of Thursday's ILG.


  • Thierry invited to Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies for 2012-2013
  • Several qualified applicants for postdoc position in Functional Programming
  • Koen L-C will visit Microsoft Research in Cambridge for 3 months
  • Anna-Lena will leave for a position as secretary to President Pam Fredman at Göteborg University!
- Effective beginning of December
- That office seems to be the portal to the Rector's chambers. Ewa Wäingelin went to President Markides, and now Anna-Lena...
- Tiina scheduled to return in March. Most likely a temp until then.


  • Chalmers internal conference on teaching (KUL) scheduled for Jan 13
  • Applicants for Programansvarig (interviews are being scheduled):
- D: Patrik Jansson, Roger Johansson
- IT: Wolfgang Ahrendt
- HIng: Manne Stenberg, Per Zaring
  • In preparation for the 2011 evaluation of our education programmes, we will review the examination procedures for thesis projects.
- Approach Johan Karlsson; use Robert Feldt's and Jörgen's experiences
- Expect quite a lot of work with this!

Research and proposals

  • VR framework grant to Dave S (ST)
  • VR project grant to Peter Damaschke (CS)
  • VR project grant to Marina P (NS)
  • Continue to admit students for 5-year PhDs, with 20% work beside studies
- Need better followup of how the 20% are spent
  • Mary S's Ericsson project may get extension
  • Very large number of proposals targeting the SSF and the EU being prepared

Department issues

  • Available office space seems to agree with submitted personnel plans
- ...but with many proposals going in, this situation may be temporary...
  • New telephone policy proposed and adopted

'Tis the Budget season!

  • Dept. forecast for economic result for 2010 inches up
- Now approx. +4M
  • Revenues for 2011 set to fall sharply
- Chalmers Foundation contribution ends
- Central Chalmers funding is reduced
- Funds for teaching cut (international students, etc)
  • 2010 surplus will come in very handy in 2011 :-/

Chalmers issues


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