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CSE dept.

This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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CE biweekly no-meeting (due to Waliullah's defense)

Feb 7, 2011


  • Vinay Jethava (CS) and our own Bhavishya Goel will be CSE's entries into the Google stipend competition
  • Ad posting notwithstanding, no acceptable candidates for Computer Security postdoc
- Several good PhD candidates though
  • Jan Bosch will join SE at end of March as co-director of Software Center
- Finishing up at Intuit while starting up here
  • Devdatt Dubashi (CS) will be on part-time sabbatical; replacement sought

Department issues

  • Guidelines will be prepared for how much to spend on meals w/ guests
  • Accounting: End-of-year report for 2010 complete.
- CE: -580' (but still 4M in accumulated profits).

FoAss recruitment

  • The saga continues.
  • After long discussion, agreed on following:
- NS: Cyberphysical systems (with emphasis on security);
- CS: Machine learning;
- ST: will be back with proposal;
- SE: will look to open position at Chalmers or at GU if better fundingwise; topic will be general SE or software architectures if more particular.


  • iPad and Kindle still available for test
- Reservation list on the CSE Wiki
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