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Graphical Programming Tool


There are many languages that essentially first order languages or some variety close to that. Programs in such languages are easily illustrated using boxes and arrows, where the boxes are functions and the arrows are parameter passing. But it would also be nice to program directly with the boxes and arrows and generate code from the graphical description. This is what this project is about.

Examples of languages which could

  • Programs written using Arrows in Haskell
  • Parts of UML
  • Circuit descriptions

Aims of the Project

  • Develop a graphical editor for allowing programmers to program with boxes and arrows.
  • The tool should easily support many different backends, to allow generating code for different languages

A good starting point could be to implement this tool on top of the Blobs tool.

Functional programming, Human Computer Interaction, (Programming (Languages or Paradigms) is recommended)
Josef Svenningsson
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