RAW FP: Productivity and Performance through Resource Aware Functional Programming

PIs: John Hughes, Mary Sheeran, Koen Claessen and Patrik Jansson


KickOff 20110520

Prel. plan 2011-05-06: advertise two 4-year Assistant Professor positions, one PhD student position, a research visitor's programme and fund 25% of each of the four applicants (John, Mary, Koen, Patrik).

Project start: 2011-09-01.

Full application text from 2010-10-24

Internal pages

We meet for (RAW)FPworktalks every Thursday 10-12 (followed by FP-lunch 12-13).

Abstract (of the application - not yet updated with the official project plan)

The goal of this proposal is to develop domain specific embedded languages for resource-aware functional programming, with associated tool-chains, that can deliver an order of magnitude improved productivity in three domains of importance to Swedish industry:

  • signal processing and low-level control in products such as radio base stations,
  • programming highly parallel heterogeneous architectures containing graphics processors for tasks such as medical image processing,
  • real-time automotive software built around the AutoSAR standard.

Our milestones after two years are:

  • A complete tool chain for digital signal processing (based on current Feldspar) including preliminary industrial case studies.
  • A prototype tool chain programming machines containing one or more GPU.
  • A prototype tool chain for part of the automotive application area.

and after five years:

  • Broadened applicability (within the software stack) for the future Feldspar tool chain
  • Real case studies of the application of Feldspar technology
  • A complete tool chain for the Automotive DSL
  • A complete tool chain for programming GPUs
  • A general framework and design principles for DSL development

To achieve the goal, we will have to perform disciplinary research at the frontiers of the fields of domain specific language design and implementation and of program testing. We will have to develop new methods of expressing, controlling and analysing resource use in highly parallel machines.

Admin details:

  • KST: 3725
  • PNr: 3720387
  • Award number: RIT10-0087


Old events

  • 2011-10-21: After interviews of four PhD candidates, Nikita Frolov was offered (and accepted) the RAWFP PhD position.
  • 2011-10-18: We got 11 applicants for the two 4-year Assistant Professor positions. They are screened by international experts (and by us) with the aim of making a short-list by 2012-01-20.
  • 2011-09-02: We got 41 applications for the PhD position and will now start the screening.
  • project granted by SSF with 25M SEK (5M SEK/y for five years) to the Chalmers FP group.
  • 2011-06-17: A PhD position in Functional Programming is available (deadline 2011-09-01)