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Work page for coordinating the ICFP 2011 travel for the FP group.

NameTo JapanFrom JapanParticipationComment
Meng Wang2011-09-10 (Finnair)2011-09-24 (Finnair)Visiting NII + WGP + ICFP + Haskell+ ErlangPresenting "Incremental Updates for Efficient Bidirectional Transformations" in ICFP. Staying at KKR.
Patrik JanssonMonday 2011-09-12T13:00 / 08:55 with FinnairFriday 2011-09-23T11:00 / 16:25 with FinnairDTP + WGP + ICFP + HaskellCo-author on the Haskell Symposium paper "Embedded Parser Generators". Staying at Shonan Village (for DTP) and at "Hotel Villa Fontaine JIMBOCHO" for the rest.
Jonas Duregård2011-09-16 Friday (From vacation in France)2011-09-26 Monday (Staying the weekend just for sightseeing)WGP + ICFP + Haskell + HIWWill present the "Embedded Parser Generators" paper at the Haskell Symposium. Booked a room at hotel KKR.
John Hughes2011-09-16 SAS2011-09-26 SASICFP, Haskell, Erlang, CUFPPaper in the Erlang Workshop
Cláudio Amaral2011-09-17 Saturday2011-09-26 MondayICFP + Haskell + ErlangWill present a poster "Interfacing Dynamically Typed Lang. ..." at Erlang workshop. Staying at KKR (?)
Koen Claessen2011-09-19 Monday (prel.)2011-09-23 Friday (prel.)ICFP + HaskellChair of the Haskell Symposium
Josef Svenningsson  ICFP + Haskell + CWPaper "The limit of the CPS hierarchy" in the Continuation Workshop
Nick Smallbone2011-09-17 Saturday2011-09-26 MondayICFP + Haskell + ErlangPresenting paper at Erlang workshop. Staying at KKR

Koen: Finnair has nice connections. The ones I am looking at leave at 13.00 from Gothenburg and arrive at 8.55 in Tokyo. The way back leaves at 11.00 and arrives at 16.55.

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