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Discussion of the LiquidFeedback initiative

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Employeeship (from Swedish 'Medarbetarskap') is about developing a culture of ownership and responsibility in an organisation.

In order for the employees to be engaged, they need to feel that their opinion is taken seriously. A first step in this direction is the creation of fora to formulate initiatives, discuss them and endorse them.

An issue with traditional such fora is that not everyone has the time to be engaged in every issue. The ones that have the time or the priority to participate the most end up dominating the debate and the decisions. Most of the group then disengages and a situation with a separate group of appointed leaders re-emerges.

To avoid the dominance of random active folks but also top-down leadership, a mixed form of democracy called Liquid Democracy has been devised. It allows to choose a delegate among all the people around you, it allows you to change the delegate anytime. It allows the delegate to vote with a double vote or transitively forward both of your votes to yet another person. But it also allows you to drop in and participate directly whenever you like to.

Such an organisation requires tedious bookkeeping. Fortunately, this is easily implemented using software. Such a software has already been implemented, and a test instance is running at the CSE department.

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