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Decision: FP-internal VR deadline: 080401

Historical background: VR projects from 2002:

SETFP03-05Hughes, JohnTyp kontroll för Erlang
SETFP03-05Jansson, PatrikGeneriska funktionella program och bevis
SETFP04-06Claessen, KoenAbstraktionssökning med hjälp av ändlig-modellgenerering
SETFP04-06Sheeran, MarySmarta kretsar: att lösa utmaningar inom design och verifiering av kretsar
SETFP06-08Hughes, JohnSammanträdestyper umgås med industriell mjukvara
SETFP07-09Claessen, KoenTeorembevisning i första-ordningens logik för automatisk formell verifie...
SETFP07-09Sheeran, MaryKretsdesign och verifiering med hjälp av funtionella programspråk

Future applications:

  • [Action item] Hughes, John: Apply! Björn helps, Carol helps, Title: DSL? ProTEST?
  • [Action item] Patrik Jansson: Apply! Mary helps, Title: Generic programs and proofs?
  • [Action item] Magnus: Apply! Koen helps.
    • Should Magnus apply for more than one? No - focus instead.
    • Maybe easier to get the "industry project" version
  • Apply?: Carol?, Emil?, Niklas?

Mary and Koen have a strong VR track record but it is difficult to get a second project. Possible way around that: apply for a PostDoc to come to Sweden (formally the PostDoc is the applicant, but the local contact must help a lot.)

Apply for external people to come here?

  • [action item] make a list of external people willing to come for a postdoc
    • Duncan Coutts: Koen will help
    • [Alexander Fuchs for next year] (Koen)
    • [Cezar for next year?] (Patrik / Sibylle)

[Done 080328] Patrik: contact VR to get evaluation text for a list of applications from group members.

  • Carol sent: John Hughes, 2005-3935
  • Magnus sent: Magnus Björk, 2006-4291
  • Magnus sent: Magnus Björk, 2007-6421

[Done 080318] all: if you want your VR evaluation for a particular project, send the "diarienummer" and applicants name to Patrik by 080318.

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