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CSE dept.

This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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Generic Programming at Chalmers


  • Patrik Jansson
  • Sibylle Schupp


Some papers:

  • 2008: CompGPHaskell
  • 2007: Jansson, Patrik; Jeuring, Johan: Testing Properties of Generic Functions. LNCS, Proceedings of IFL 2006, 4449
  • 2006: G. Munkby, A.Priesnitz, S. Schupp, M. Zalewski, Scrap++ Your Boilerplate with C++, Proc. 6th Internat. Workshop for Generic Programming, Portland, USA, Sept. 2006
  • 2006: M. Zalewski, S. Schupp, Change Impact Analysis for Generic Libraries, Proc. 22nd Internat. Conf. on Software Maintenance (ICSM'06), Philadelphia, USA, Sept. 2006.
  • 2005: D. Gregor, J. Järvi, M. Kulkarni, A. Lumsdaine, D. Musser, S. Schupp, Generic Programming and High-Performance Libraries, Internat. Journal of Parallel Programming 2005, 33(2-3):145-164.
  • 2004: Norell, Ulf; Jansson, Patrik: Polytypic Programming in Haskell. Implementation of Functional Languages, LNCS (3145) pp. 168-184.
  • 2004: Norell, Ulf; Jansson, Patrik: Prototyping Generic Programming in Template Haskell. Mathematics of Program Construction, LNCS (3125) pp. 314-333. ISBN/ISSN: 3-540-22380-0
  • 2003: Benke, Marcin; Dybjer, Peter; Jansson, Patrik: Universes for Generic Programs and Proofs in Dependent Type Theory. Nordic Journal of Computing, 10 (4) pp. 265-289.
  • Jansson, Patrik; Jeuring, Johan: Polytypic Data Conversion Programs. Science of Computer Programming, 43 (1) pp. 35-75.



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