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This document is here for historical purposes. This suggestion was chosen, and has been in use since 1 September 2015.

The PhD Council board runs from September 1 till August 31.
It is recommended to have selected a new board before the summer-break in July.

The suggested method for selecting a new board is as follows:

  • A neutral person is appointed with the task of encouraging Ph.D. students to nominate themselves or others. In addition, the neutral person will be in contact with the department discussing the ombudsman nominates. This neutral person should:
    • not be eligible as a board member (e.g. due to being at the end of studies)
    • not be a member of the current board
  • The neutral person informs all PhD students (via the phd.cse mailing list) that they can make suggestions for board members until date X.
  • Anyone can make suggestions - this includes current board members.
  • Between date X and date Y, the neutral person meets the suggested candidates, asking if they want to run for the board and providing them information about the tasks in the PhD council. In case of the ombudsman selection, the neutral person is also in contact with the department, and together they may decide to do some pre-selection on the ombudsman candidates.
  • On date Y, the neutral person informs all PhD students who the candidates are. Election will be two weeks from date Y.
    • Should there be only one candidate per position, we give another week for people to nominate themselves. If by end of the week there are no other candidates, the candidates are appointed without election.
  • All PhD students can vote. Voting is done electronically.
  • If two or more get the same number of votes, they will decide amongst themselves whether they are going to share the position or not. If they decide to share the position, they will divide the compensation of 35 departmental hours.

The suggested method for selecting the ombudsman is as follows:

  • OPTION1: The ombudsman will be selected by the new board after consulting the department.
  • OPTION2: The ombudsman will also be selected by the voting system as described above, from pre-selected candidates.

Important dates:

X : Deadline for all CSE PhD students to suggest board members
Y : Deadline for the neutral party to announce the candidates

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Page last modified on September 16, 2015, at 02:07 PM