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This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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SSF kick-off meeting in the FP group: AGENDA

13 - 17 - ?
Ågrenska villan
13.15-13.45Project presentation (John)
13.45-14.30Feldspar (Emil, Josef, Anders): Overview, Implementation
14.30-15.00Testing automotive software (Ulf)
15.00-15.30Coffee and discussions
15.30-16.00Definition of tasks to perform.
 Three tracks: Feldspar, Automotive, and DSL
16.00-17.00Work in groups on the selected tasks!
17.00-To the pub to plan next steps

Registered participants: (2011-05-19T1600)

  • John, Mary, Patrik Jansson, Alejandro, Emil, Josef, Ulf, Niklas S, Jean-Philippe Bernardy, Joel, Cláudio Amaral, Jonas Duregård, Thomas Arts, Anders Persson, Meng, Björn, Nils Anders Danielsson

Not coming:

  • Michał, Ann, Johan Nordlander
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