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CSE dept.

This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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ST division Winter Meeting session on teaching

Course cluster overview

Algo = OOP+DStr+Alg;

  • von Sydow, Lillieström, del Tedesco, Duregård, Persson

Concur = DB + Conc. prog;

  • Broberg, Russo, Smallbone, Phung, Ji, Svenningsson

FunProg = IFP + FP + AFP;

  • Bernardy, Jansson, Hedin, Wang, Claessen

ProgLang = ProgPara+PLT+CC+Frontiers;

  • Sands, Bubel, Paganelli, Birgisson, Nordlander

Security = Crypto+LBSec;

  • Sabelfeld, Magazinius, Rafnsson, Pa lka, Axelsson

Verify = TD&V + SEuFM + HD&V;

  • Hähnle, Ahrendt, Sheeran, Sörensson, Amaral


AlgoOOP3TDA547Objektorienterad programmering E
AlgoDStr2DAT036Data structures
ConcurConc. prog1TDA381Concurrent Programming
FunProgIFP1TDA555Introduktion till funktionall programmering
FunProgFP2TDA451Functional programming
FunProgAFP3TDA342Advanced functional programming
ProgLangProgPara2DAT120Programming Paradigms
ProgLangPLT3DAT150Programming Language Technology
ProgLangCC4TDA282Compiler construction
ProgLangFrontiers1TDA261Frontiers of programming languages
SecurityLBSec4TDA601Language-based Security
VerifyTD&V2TDA566Testing, debugging and verification
VerifyHD&V4TDA956Hardware description and verification
VerifySEuFM1TDA293Software engineering using formal methods
ThesesBSc3DATX02Kandidatarbete vid Data- och informationsteknik 15,0hp
ThesesMScADATX05Master's thesis in Computer science and engineering 30,0c
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