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Meetings for the Assistant Professors + head of division

Based on suggestions from the appraisal discussions I've decided to organise regular meetings with the Ass.Prof.s at the division to exchange information and to discuss present and future plans.

The prel. plan is to meet once per study period (thus four times per year) and each meeting is hosted by one Ass.Prof.

Josef Svenningsson has kindly agreed to host a first meeting in Feb. 2014.

Already after two answers the doodle intersection is empty so we'll have to find another day.

Josef: please try to sort this out (no hurry). My calendar (patrikja gmail com) is shared with all of you.

Thanks in advance,


2014-02: Meeting host: Josef Svenningsson


  • Share future plans
  • ... (to be filled in by you)
  • Decide on hosts and rough time slots for upcoming meetings




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