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This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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(This is an inofficial list of ST division courses for 2014.)

ClusterProgramLPYearKurskod CTHKurskod GUKursnamnPošngCourse responsibleExaminerSprŚkAvdelningSize (in HST)Teaching teamComment
Prog1D0B1TDA605 Introduktion till programmering1.5Emil AxelssonEmil AxelssonsST2Joel, John Hughes, JPB, (Josef) 
Prog1DV0B1 DIT700Datorintroduktion GU1.5Emil AxelssonEmil AxelssonsST1Joel, (Josef) 
Prog1I3B1TDA143 Programmerade system7.5Christer CarlssonChrister CarlssonsST16(Josef) 
Prog1Z1-2B1TDA540 Objektorienterad programmering Z7.5Christer Carlsson + JvHChrister CarlssonsST11(Josef) 
Prog1,FPD/DV1B1TDA555DIT440Intro till funktionell programmering7.5Emil AxelssonEmil AxelssonsST20Joel, (Josef), John Hughes, JPB 
Prog1,2D3B1DAT043 Objektorienterad programmering (D)7.5Jan SkansholmJan SkansholmsST12(Josef) 
Prog1,2DV2B1 DIT011Objektorienterad prgramvaruutveckling7.5Jan SkansholmJan SkansholmsST8(Josef) 
Prog1,2d2B1DAT050 Objektorienterad programmering7.5Uno HolmerUno HolmersST8(Josef)Lindholmen
Prog2DV3B1 DIT950Programmering fk7.5Joachim von HachtJoachim von HachtsST6(Josef) 
Prog2IT2B1TDA550 Objektorienterad programvaruutveckling fk7.5Christer CarlssonChrister CarlssonsST20(Josef) 
DStrDV4B2 DIT960Datastrukturer7.5Nick Smallbone?sST5John Hughes, JPB, (Josef) 
DStrIT/DV4B1TDA367DIT212Objektorienterat programmeringsprojekt7.5Joachim von HachtJoachim von HachtsST15(Josef) 
DStrd3B2DAT055 Objektorienterade applikationer7.5Uno HolmerUno HolmersST7(Josef)Lindholmen
DStrd4B2LET375 Algoritmer och datastrukturer7.5Uno HolmerUno HolmersST11John Hughes, JPB, (Josef)Lindholmen
FMIT/DV2B3TDA566DIT082"Testing, debugging and verification"7.5Moa Johansson + Laura KovŠcs(Wolfgang Ahrendt -> Laura)eST8Wolfgang, John Hughes, Bart 
FMMPALG/CS1MTDA293DIT270Software engineering using formal methods7.5Wolfgand AhrendtWolfgang AhrendteST7JPB, Bart 
FMMPSOF4MDAT260DIT848Model based testing7.5Gerardo SchneiderGerardo SchneidereST4John Hughes, Hamid Ebadi 
FMN1SOB3B3 DIT085Test and verification6Meng WangMeng Wang ST7Wolfgang, John Hughes, BartLindholmen
FPD/DV2B3TDA452DIT142Functional programmering7.5David SandsDavid SandseST8John Hughes, JPB, (Josef), Joel, Nikita 
FPMPALG/CS4MDAT280DIT261Parallel Functional Programming7.5Mary Sheeran + John HughesMary SheeraneST4Dave, John Hughes, JPBB+, (Josef), Joel 
FP,PLTMPALG/CS3MTDA342DIT260Advanced functional programming7.5Patrik JanssonPatrik JanssoneST5Niklas, Josef+, John Hughes, JPB, JPB+ 
PLTD/DV/CS3B2DAT121DIT331Programming paradigms7.5Jean-Philippe BernardyJean-Philippe BernardyeST12John Hughes, (Josef), Luciano Bello 
PLTMPALG/CS1-4MTDA261DIT761Frontiers of Programming Languages7.5David SandsDavid SandseST1John Hughes, JPB, Niklas, (Josef), Willard, Luciano 
PLTMPALG/CS4MTDA282DIT300Compiler construction7.5Josef SvenningsonJosef SvenningssoneST5John Hughes, JPB, Nikita 
SecMPALG/CS2MTDA351DIT250Cryptography7.5Daniel HedinAndrei SabelfeldeST16Andrei, Dave, Willard, Nikita, Bart 
SecMPALG/CS4MTDA601DIT101Language-based security7.5Andrei SabelfeldAndrei SabelfeldeST4Dave, Niklas, John Hughes, Willard, Luciano 
?MiscD/DV3B2TDA382DIT390Concurrent programming7.5Alejandro RussoAlejandro RussoeST11Andrei, Dave, Josef+, John Hughes, JPB, Willard 
?MiscIT/DV3B3TDA357BDIT620Databases LP37.5Niklas BrobergGraham KempeST13Bart 
?Miscd/DV1B3DAT076DIT126Webapplikationer7.5Joachim von HachtJoachim von HachtsST11  

Special cases:

  • 2013-2014: Cezar teaches the first Java course for the SE&M programme (but the responsibility is formally with the SE division)
  • 2014-?: The Crypto course is taught by Katerina Mitrokotsa (at the NS division) but the responsibility is formally with the ST division


  • Prog1: Objektorienterad programmering Z (@ST), Objektorienterad programvaruutveckling (DV) (@ST), Objektorienterad programmering (d) (@ST), Programmerade system (I) (@ST), Objektorienterad programmering (D) (@ST), Intro till funktionell programmering (@ST), Datorintroduktion GU (1.5hp) (@ST), Introduktion till programmering (1.5hp) (@ST),
  • Prog2: Objektorienterad programvaruutveckling fk (IT) (@ST), Programmering fk (DV) (@ST), Objektorienterad programmering (d) (@ST), Objektorienterad programvaruutveckling (DV) (@ST), Objektorienterad programmering (D) (@ST)
  • DStr: Datastrukturer DV (@ST), Objektorienterade applikationer (d) (@ST), Algoritmer och datastrukturer (d, I) (@ST), Objektorienterat programmeringsprojekt (IT, DV) (@ST),
  • FP: Intro till funktionell programmering (D) (@ST), Functional programmering (@ST), Advanced functional programming (@ST), Parallel Functional Programming (@ST)
  • Sec: Computer Security (@NS), Cryptography (@ST), Language-based security (@ST), Network security (@NS)
  • FM: Test and verification (@ST), "Testing, debugging and verification" (@ST), Model based testing (@ST), Software engineering using formal methods (@ST)
  • Alg.: Algorithms (@CS), Advanced Algorithms (@CS), Discrete Optimization (@CS), Machine Learning (@CS), Artificial Intelligence (@CS)
  • ProgLang: Programming paradigms (@ST), Programming Language Technology (@ST), Compiler Construction (@ST), Frontiers of Programming Languages (@ST), Advanced Functional Programming (@ST), etc
  • Log&Comp: Logic in CS (@CS), Models of Computation (@CS), Types for Programs and Proofs (@CS), Automata and Formal Languages (@CS)
  • Conc (name?): Concurrent programming (@ST), Databases (@CS+@ST), Webapplikationer (@ST), Parallel Functional Programming (@ST)
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