Guide to organizing an Agda meeting

  • Pick the dates
    • Usually from Wednesday until Tuesday, but Monday until Sunday works too.
    • Avoid overlap with conferences (ICFP, TYPES, ...)
    • Check proposed dates with main developers.
  • Book a room
    • Often on campus, but also consider a nice spot in the countryside away from distractions
    • One room for at least ~30 people with a projector
    • If possible: one or two smaller breakout rooms close by
    • Attention: also book a room for Saturday (if possible)
  • Create a wiki page
  • Make a schedule (and add it to the wiki page)
    • Daily schedule from 9:30 to 18:00
    • First day: schedule 1 hour for introductions and code sprint proposals
    • One or two talks in the morning (30-60 minutes per talk)
    • Leave afternoon open for code sprints and discussions
    • Don't forget breaks for coffee and lunch!
    • End each day with a wrap-up meeting (30 minutes)
  • Invite people to attend
    • Send mails to Agda mailing list and TYPES mailing list
    • Ask for an announcement on Haskell Weekly
    • Invite local people who might be interested
    • Send individual invitations to new contributors
  • Invite people to give a talk
    • Include an open call in the invitation mail
    • Ask someone from a neighbouring community (Idris/Coq/Lean/Haskell/RedTT/Andromeda/Arend/Cedille/...) to give a talk
    • If you don't yet have enough talks ~4 weeks before the start, send some reminders to the usual suspects
  • Organize coffee breaks (morning + afternoon)
    • This can often be funded by the university or from a project
  • Provide extension cords and power strips so everyone can plug their laptop
  • Make sure everyone can connect to wifi
    • Often there are one or two people without Eduroam access
  • Consider finding a sponsor for travel funding for underprivileged attendants
  • Organize an excursion for Sunday
    • Often a hike in a nice nature spot, but can be anything.

After the meeting, please update this document with the lessons you learned so future organizers can learn from them!

Page last modified on January 04, 2023, at 08:00 pm
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