AIM XVII will be held from Wednesday 8 May to Monday 13 May, 2013, inclusive, at Shonan OVA (in Shonan International Village, close to Shonan International Center, where AIM XIV took place)

Timetable as planned on Day 1: AIMXVIITImeTalbe.pdf

Record of AIM XVII : RecordOfAIMXVII

** 2013.3.16

Dear all,

we are ready at last to accept bookings for participation/accommodation

AIM XVII will take place in Shonan OVA ( in
Shonan Kokusai Village, Kanagawa, Japan.

To book your room in Shonan OVA ( for AIM XVII,
please fill in the application form attache at the last of this letter
and send it to Mr. Kei Matsumoto by Email (

Organiser of AIM XVII:
Yoshiki Kinoshita
Department of Information Sciences,
Kanagawa University

Call for Participation: Agda Intensive Meeting (AIM) XVII
(A) Venu

AIM XVII will be held in Shonan OVA.  It is close to Shonan
Kokusai-mura (International Village) Center,
where AIM XV took place, but in a different building.

Shonan OVA is located in Shonan International Village (湘南国際村), an
area on a hill from which one can see the Mt. Fuji over the sea
(Sagami-wan gulf) if the air is clean.  There are few shops nearby;
there is a convenience store Family Mart that is 200m from Shonan OVA;
there is a small restaurant in 10 minutes walk down the hill and two
other restaurants at 10 minutes walk to the other direction.  So, we
recommend the participant to book all the meals at the accommodation
during her/his stay.

Unlike Shonan Kokusaimura Centre, where AIM XV was held, Shoan OVA
is not a big accommodation, and we will probably be the only guests there
during AIM XVII.

(B) Overall Schedule

Participants are expected to arrive at Shonan OVA in the afternoon of
Tuesday, 7 May.

The workshop starts in the morning of Wednesday, 8 May.

On Wednesday 8, Thursday 9, Friday 10 and Sunday 12, we expect to
have a talk or two in the morning, and have a code/documentation sprint
in the afternoon.  Note we plan to work on Sunday, as we have one day
shorter (6 days) in total than usual.

On Saturday 11, we shall have an excursion.

On Monday 13, we shall have a talk or two in the morning as usual, but
the whole afternoon is dedicated to wrap up meeting.

The whole meeting ends around 16:00 on Monday 13.

(C) How to get there

There are several ways to get from Narita airport to Zushi station, the closest
train station from Shonan OVA.  Here is my recommendation for a person
with a big luggage (least change of trains, least distance of walk).

(1) From Narita International airport, buy a ticket with the
destination Zushi and an express ticket for NEX (Narita Express) bound
for Yokohama (横浜) or Ofuna (大船).  The ticket for Zushi costs 2,210
JPY, and the express ticket for Yokohama or Ofuna 2,290 JPY.  The
express ticket includes the fee for seat reservation, so reserve your
seat because it prevents you to sit on a wrong coach which may take
you to a completely different destination.

If you mind paying 2,290 JPY for your express ticket but do not mind
spending half an hour more, you can take at Narita airport "Kaisoku
Narita Airport (快速成田エアポート)" bound for Zushi (逗子), Yokosuka
(横須賀) or Kurihama (久里浜) station.  This one has another advantage
of having not to change at Yokohama (横浜) or Ofuna (大船), and it
goes directly to Zushi station.  All "Kaisoku Narita Airport" stops at
Zushi station.

(2) If you take NEX, then change at Yokohama (横浜) or Ofuna (大船)
to a local train in Yokosuka-line bound either for Zushi (逗子),
Yokosuka (横須賀) or Kurihama (久里浜), and get off at Zushi station.

(3) At Zushi station, take the bus 逗16 or 逗26 bound for
Shonan-kokusaimura-centre (湘南国際村センター), and get off at
Shonan-kokusaimura-makadosawa-chouseichi (湘南国際村間門沢調整池)
bus stop.  The bus fare is 320 Yen.  The bus stop is in front of a convenience
store Family Mart.  This bus line is not frequent, so you may consider
taking a taxi, which costs around 2,000 JPY from Zushi station to
Shonan OVA.

(4) The bus turns to the left after leaving the bus stop,
but you walk strait ahead for about 200m,
and you will find Shonan OVA (湘南OVA) on the right hand side.
Several palm trees are a good landmark.

(D) Excursion to Hakone Spa Resort

On Saturday 11 May, we plan a day excursion to Hakone,
one of the most popular hot spring resort,
and visit the Spa resort "Kowakien Yunessun"
and/or "Kowakien Mori NO YU" (;
one wears the swimming suit in Yunessun,
and one bathes naked in Mori NO YU (Japanese
traditional way of enjoying hot springs!).
You can either visit one of them or both.

It takes circa three hours from Shonan OVA to Kowakien.
We leave Shonan OVA in the morning on Saturday 11 May,
stay in Kowakien for some hours.  We plan to take dinner
in Odawara city, which was the home base of the Lord Hojo
500 years ago.

(E) Payment

The fee for the workshop consists of
(E1) accommodation fee (bed and meals) and
(E2) miscellaneous (coffee and tea during workshop, excursion fee,
The miscellaneous (E2) will be collected on site.

The payment of accommodation fee (E1) must be done directly to the
Shonan OVA.   They accept three ways of payment:
(Ea) payment by credit card in advance of AIMXVII
(Eb) payment by cash on site
(Ec) paymeng by bank transfer in advance of AIMXVII

The order of preference of Shonan OVA is (Ea), (Eb) and (Ec); so
please choose (Ea) if possible.

You are asked to specify the way of payment in the reservation form.
Here is the bank information, for the case you cannot avoid
choosing (Ec) (bank transfer):

 Bank of Yokohama, Zushi Branch (Branch Code 521)
 Account number: 1161902
 Address: 5-2-1 Zushi, Zushi city, Kanagawa, JAPAN
 Account holder:  Village Shonan, Inc.
 IBAN: Not available




 Please fill in this application form and send it to
 Mr. Kei Matsumoto by Email (

(a) First Name:
(b) Middle Name:
(c) Last Name:
(d) Gender: male/femail
(e) Nationality:
(f) Affiliation:
(g) E-mail:
(h) Phone number:
(i) Home address:
(j) Method of payment (please choose):
 (1) Credit card in advance / (2) Cash on site / (3) Bank transfer
 [Shonan OVA prefers (1) and (2) to (3), so please avoid (3) if possible]
(k) In case of (j)(1), please fill in the following card information.
(k-a) Type of credit card, (VISA, Master, AMEX)
(k-b) Credit card number:
(k-c) Name of the card holder:
(k-d) Expire date:  month/year
(l) In case of (j)(3), please pay in to the account given in the Payment
section of the CFP.
(m) Order of meals and bed:
* We recommend you to order all meals during your stay, as having meal
   together is one of the most important social activities. 
 * On Saturday 11 May, an excursion to Hakone Spa resort is planned;
   if you participate the excursion, do NOT order the lunch and dinner
   on Saturday 11 May, as we shall have them outside the accommodation.
 * The workshop dinner will be held on Saturday 11, on the way
   back from Hakone; if you take part in the workshop dinner, do NOT
   order the Sat 11 May Dinner below.
 * If you wish to stay longer, please add lines for the extra meals/beds
   by yourself.  (We cannot assure the availability of accommodation
   for longer stay.)

 Please write YES in the end of the line below for the meal / bed you

   Tue  7 May Dinner
   Tue  7 May Bed
   Wed 8 May Breakfast
   Wed 8 May Lunch
   Wed 8 May Dinner
   Wed 8 May Bed
   Thu 9 May Breakfast
   Thu 9 May Lunch
   Thu 9 May Dinner
   Thu 9 May Bed
   Fri 10 May Breakfast
   Fri 10 May Lunch
   Fri 10 May Dinner
   Fri 10 May Bed
   Sat 11 May Breakfast
   Sat 11 May Lunch [Do not order if you take part in the excursion]
   Sat 11 May Dinner [Do not order if you take part in the excursion]
   Sat 11 May Bed
   Sun 12 May Breakfast
   Sun 12 May Lunch
   Sun 12 May Dinner
   Sun 12 May Bed
   Mon 13 May Breakfast
   Mon 13 May Lunch

(m) The fee for bed and meals I pay is:  XX,XXX  JPY.  (please fill in
 the number)

 Please calculate the fee you are to pay according to the following
 list of prices:
     Breakfast: 1,200 JPY
     Lunch: 1,500 JPY
     Dinner: 2,300 JPY
     Bed overnight : 8,200 JPY
** 2013.2.28

The next AIM will be held in Shonan, Japan, from 8 May until 13 May.
Book your calendar!

We have a limited amount of budget for persons who have difficulty in
getting the travel expenses.  If there are too many applicants for this support,
we will provide the support in student-first, professor-last manner.

We will send you the first call for participation in a week or so.

AIM XVII will start in the morning, Wednesday 8 May and will end in
the afternoon, Monday 13 May.  So the participants are expected
to arrive on Tuesday 7 May, and leave on Monday 13 May.

The schedule is one day shorter (6 full days) than the
traditional arrangement of AIM, and we wish to compensate it
by working on Sunday 12 May.  (opinions welcome)

There will be a reception in the evening of 8 May.
On 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, we have one or two talks in the morning and
workshop in the afternoon.  The workshop proceeds as usual,
according to the tradition of AIM; this means every participant
declares his/her interest, and we form teams according to interest;
every participant may be a member of two teams or even more.
A leader is assigned to each team.  In the end of every day, ca.
16:30 or so, there is a "wrap up" of the day, where a short report
is given by each team leader.  The last day is devoted to the wrap
up of the whole AIM XVII meeting. 

On Saturday 11, there will be an excursion to Hakone spa.
Hakone is a spa resort, about two hour by train from Shonan.
We will spend the whole day there, in a spa resort.

The accommodation is in the same area as that we used for
AIM XIV, but is a different, smaller facility; we will
monopolise it (!) and we can have more intimate atmosphere.

I intedn to send you the information more in detail in less
than a week.

** 2013.1

AIM XVII was originally planned to be held from morning 8 May until afternoon 14 May,
but due to the organiser's convenience, it will end afternoon 13 May.  (1 day shorter - apologies).
Participants are expected to arrive in the afternoon on 7 May, stay 7 nights there checking out
in the morning on 13 May.  The baggage may be deposited in the accommodation
until the meeting ends in the afternoon 13 May.

Accommodation for 15 persons is provided.
I will announce here and Agda mailing-list as soon as Shonan OVA will be ready
for accommodation booking.

Organiser: Yoshiki KInoshita,
E-mail: yoshiki-ml (atmark)
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