1. Introduction

2. Opening a File

3. Opening Files with Unusual Filenames

4. Expanding Tildes in Filenames

5. Creating Temporary Files

6. Sorting Files Inside Your Program Text

7. Writing a Filter

8. Modifying a File in Place with Temporary File

9. Modifying a File in Place without a Temporary File

10. Locking a File

11. Flushing Output

12. Reading from Many Filehandles without Blocking

13. Doing Non-Blocking IO

14. Determining the Number of Bytes to Read

15. Storing Filehandles in Variables

16. Caching Open Ouptput Filehandles

17. Printing to Many Filehandles Simultaneously

18. Opening and Closing File Descriptors by Number

19. Copying Filehandles

20. Program: netlock

21. Program: lockarea

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