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This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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A collection of useful information for the CSE MSc screening process

CS@GU 2008: 12 admitted, 63 reserves

MScApplication Correlations

Within CSE we use the following merit values for the screening process

  • 900 = must-take
  • 800 = strongly recommended
  • 500 = can accept
  • 100 = strongly against

Access to the applications

The application screening is done with a web-based system called NyA ("Nya Antagningssystemet") which is common for all universities in Sweden. The admissions department (antagningsenheten) is handing out accounts and managing access rights (read-only or read-write) for these accounts to MPK and those helping with screening. Chalmers IT-service helps you installing the NyA system on your machine, or can point you to a remote Windows server where it is already installed (login throught the BAT service).

App. Stat. 2009

codenrAbbr.1:a hand web 15 janjmf. 2008Ändring
Total  1059607+75%

Preliminary statistics. (GU yet not included.)

Application statistics (based on

codenrAbbr.1:a hand webjmf. 2007
Total  607620

(jmf. 2007 is 70% of 1:a hand web app. from 2007, because 30% is a guess of the overlap of last years applications.)

Links about 2007:

CSE-programmes Chalmers LADOK-codes (NyA code): MPNET (CTH-320009), MPSEN (CTH-38009), MPIES (CTH-24009), MPDCS (CTH-15009), MPALG (CTH-02009), MPIDE (CTH-23009), ITMDM (nedlagd med hänvisning till MPIDE). CSE-programme GU LADOK-code (NyA code): N2COS (GU-69890)

Raw data about applications from 080128:

  MPNET; 167; 992; 160; 357;
  MPSEN; 162; 898; 183; 301;
  MPIES;  55; 399;  90; 168;
  MPDCS;  32; 266;  45; 130;
  MPALG;  29; 115;  30;  55;
  MPIDE;  17; 118;  26;  47;
  tot  ; 462;2788; 534;1058;


Application statistics for SET

The central statistics sent to the Master007 list says that SET had 162 first hand applicants 20080128 (and 992 in total), to be compared to 183 first hand app.s at this time in 2007. In Sibylles mail from 080202 she wrote 1192 total applicants which indicates 162*1192/992 = 195 first hand applications to screen this spring - thus roughly as many as last year.

Other relevant data from international SET students 2007:

2911:st hand applications on the web
1891:st hand applications on paper (some late-comers accepted)
1011:st hand applications to subject screening
68admitted after subject screening
46confirmed that they will come
24actually arrived and started studying

24/68 = 35% ~= 1/3

Historic data from the DCS programme also suggests the 1/3 ratio is reasonable.

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