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CSE dept.

This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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(One of the Course Clusters.)

  • ParDist: Parallel and Distributed Computing
    • Chair Olaf Landsiedel, vice: Alejandro Russo
    • ParDist: Concurrent programming (@ST: Alejandro Russo, Prasad)
    • ParDist: Operating Systems (@NS: Marina Papatriantafilou)
    • ParDist: Distributed Systems (@NS: Olaf Landsiedel)
    • ParDist: Distributed Systems II (@NS: Philippas Tsigas)
    • ParDist: Parallell Functional Programming (@ST: Mary Sheeran, John Hughes)
    • ParDist: Distributed Fault-tolerant Programming (@SE, Michał Pałka)
  • 1st Meeting 2014-05-23 (Meeting Notes, thanks Patrik):
    • MaPa; BSc; LP2, 90; Operating Systems; (some classical content is instead in the ConcProg course) two labs: build a small kernel (old but liked), fine-grained synchronisation (shared stacks, shared queues)
    • AlRu; BSc; LP3, 150; Concurrent programming; TDA383 + DIT290
    • Prasad; BSc; LP1, 80; Concurrent programming; TDA383 + DIT290
    • MiPa; BSc; LP1, 50?; 3hp; Distributed Fault-tolerant Programming; DIT027
    • OlLa; MSc; LP2, 70; Distributed systems; "Seattle" system, cut down version of Python;
    • PhTs; MSc; LP3, 45; Adv. distributed systems; more systems oriented, manage your own threads, C, pthreads, heavy lab course
    • MaSh: MSc; LP4, 30; Parallel Functional Programming;
    • Side issue:
      • TODO: Find out about the "quota" system for GU students?? I have not been told about this as head of division.
      • TODO: Mary says: find out where parallell algorithms should fit in the curriculum in general
      • TODO: AlRu: do some data mining on the student data to figure out the flows
      • TODO: Mary: we also need to think about "understudy" for TAs
      • TODO: replacement teacher: check that all have one
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