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JoelOKOKOKOKOKOKReporting 7.5hp
RaulOKOKOKOKOKOKReporting 7.5hp 080908
SajedOKOKOKOK OKReporting 5hp

Legend: OK means passed and O means "half way to OK".

  • A: (10h) do a literature search to identify ten suitable research papers connecting AoP to his or her own research interests. Deliverable: (by week 17) a BibTeX-file with the citations + a memo citing them including a one-paragraph per paper explanation of the connection.
  • B: (10h) identify one or two (of the above) papers as suitable reads for the whole group. Deliverable: (by week 17) A one-page summary connecting the paper to the AoP theme.
  • C: (80h) read the book sections and identified "suitable reads" papers. Deliverable: active participation in the seminar discussions.
  • D: (20h) host one or two of the weekly seminars. Deliverable: a tutorial-style .pdf-slideshow of (some of) the material in the part of the book scheduled for that seminar. Presentation time, 45 min.
  • E: (70h) perform a case-study or implementation project. Deliverable: (by week 22) a "workshop paper" or well documented source code.
  • F: (10h) review the case-study / project of one other participant. Deliverable: (by week 23) a one-page review of the strengths and weaknesses of the deliverable E from the other participant.