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Seminar 1 of the AoP course

  • Welcome
  • Presentation of the course
    • background
    • examination requirements
  • Presentation of Participants
  • Assign participants to chapters
Sem 1w1208031910.00-12.00PatrikCh. 1Programs (Intro + planning meeting)
Sem 2w1408040415.15-17.15JPCh. 2Functions and Categories
Sem 3w1508040815.15-17.15JoelCh. 3Applications
Sem 4w1608041615.15-17.15MarcinCh. 4Relations and Allegories
Sem 5w1708042113.00-15.00Raul (opponent JP)Ch. 5Datatypes in Allegories
Sem 6w1908050510.00-12.00JoelCh. 6Recursive Programs
Sem 7w2008051213.00-15.00MarcinCh. 7Optimization Problems
Sem 8w2108052110.00-12.00RaulCh. 8Thinning Algorithms
Sem 9w2208052613.00-15.00SajedCh. 9Dynamic Programming
Sem 10w2308060413.00-15.00SajedCh. 10Greedy Algorithms
  • Schedule seminar 2
    • It will be on Friday 080404, at 15.15-17.15