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Huvudansvarig: Kjell J


  • Kursen ska ge den kretselektroniska basen för programmet.
  • Måste hantera såväl digital som analog baskunskap.

Spridda tankar

  • Starta med transistorn; bygg sen modeller av inverterare för analog och digital konstruktion
- Vilka prestandaparametrar är viktiga i de två fallen?
  • Standard-cell-konceptet viktigt.
  • Extrahera parametrar för ny standardcell och inkludera i bibliotek!
- Sluter till DAT110 på ett naturligt sätt.
  • Val: storlekar och drivförmågor.
  • Hörnen? Ska de vara med här? I så fall kommer de in när man ska stoppa in i bibliotek.
- Statistiska modeller kommer inte in här utan först i DAT110 eller förmodligen inte förrän i DAT096.
  • Producera digitala modeller till DAT110 och analoga modeller till DAT116

2011-06-28 Yesterday we decided to use the ST 130nm-process in this and in succeeding the DAT116 course.

There are both HS and LL transistors available in this process. The starting assumption is that we will use the HS ones.

Lena is working on a new parameter sheet.

Meeting between Lena & Kjell

Two-ports Current/voltage drive (Thevenin / Norton) Linearity - Small-signal Large-signal.

Two-port model for digital and analog.

Poles and zeros.

What is the ideal condition. Arrive at a model of the ideal.


Lena and Kjell decided on a week schedule.

  • Week 1: Intro + MOS large-signal and small-signal. No caps. gm + gd (no gmb) No second-order effects except for short-channel effects.
  • Week 2: Inverter also with gain. New hand-in problem.
  • Week 3: Speed (also bandwidth & gain - 0th order)
  • Week 4: Physical (also passives - matching)
  • Week 5: Repeaters and wires (only one lecture because of Kårens dag).
  • Week 6: Clock and power (also power analog = ID)
  • Week 7: Adders

Four labs - first lab in week 3. First lab is kind of new. Labs Friday afternoon and Monday morning.


Lena has changed the schedule with Gloria.

Lena has created a temporary course home page in studieportalen.

Lena has worked on generating data in Cadence and exporting it. This was mainly because we need some transistor data to show in lectures etc.

 Here are some notes in this.

I worked with data from parametric DC runs only.

Plot the data. In the Graphics window use Tools -> Browser to start the waveform browser (it is called Wavescan but name is not shown anywhere).

For DC analysis the data one wants can be found under "DC-DC" in the resulting window called "Results browser" Find the variable of interest in the right-hand subwindow. In my case it was a drain current so the name was "M0/D" Select it by clicking on it (it turns blue then) Do "Tools -> Table" in the Results Browser window A new window called "Table" appears. To export all the data from the parametric run go to the bottom of the "Table" window. Click on the middle part with an arrow down. A pop-down (rullgardins) menu show upp. Select its last entry "All (no filter)". Npw data for all the parametric runs are shown in the table. The ordering is NOT the one that was used in the spectre runs. If you want that ordering you have to manually place the columns in the right order by grabbing them using the mouse and moving them around. Then to "File -> Save as CSV") Select another more enlightening name for the resulting file.

This is all you have to do in Cadence

Now start MATLAB and import the CSV file.

2011-08-16 Meeting with Lena and Kjell

Going through parameters - OK.

Kjell needs :

ID vd VGS for VDS = 0.05V (resistive) and VDS = 1.2V (current). L = minL, W=1um W=Winv (as calculated here) N=0.82 P=2*0.82 All the way from 0.

Output diagram (same transistors). ID vs VDS for VGS= 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2

Lena will do this.

Ping-pong: lägga till grupperna som det ska vara. Lena kollar upp detta.

Kjell sends the course-PM to Lena.

Home assignment #2? New data + maybe change.

HA #3 becomes a prelab for the lab.


Lena has generated the data that Kjell needed.

Lena found out that she has NOT made an event in ping-pong for this course.


TAs for the fall are Roozbeh, Feysal, Alexandra and Carl Ewnert.

There will be a meeting between Lena. Per and Kjell:

Topics for this meeting:

  • The last lab did not work well at all (= there was no point in it) - what to we do about it?
  • The hand-in problems how should they be graded? They take a lot of grading time, but are important.
  • Improved introduction to Cadence? We have better TAs this year, but will that help?
  • Small-signal and large-signal models are hard to grasp. What can we do to improve?
  • Clean-up of stuff that does not work anymore?
  • Better exercises?
  • Introduce power consumption earlier?

What exercise material do we have?

  • Old exam problems.
  • Other problems.
  • The old compendium but it is not updated and part of it is in Swedish.

We had some problems with the standard cells.

Does the parameter sheet need to be updated?