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MSc Thesis project. ** Investigation of using the Residue Number System (RNS) in the signal processing chain in MPD radar.

In future MPD (Medium pulse repetition frequency Pulsed Doppler) radar, the processing demands on the digital signal processing chain is further increased, still keeping tight requirements on physical size and power dissipation of the implementation. As part of the work towards meeting these requirements, investigation on the effects (e.g. power consumption and physical area) of using alternative number representation like RNS (Residue Number System) is needed.

In cooperation with the company Saab MicroWave AB, Göteborg, Sweden. A previous MSc thesis work is available as a starting point (Jian Liu).

Aim: Investigate the potential power dissipation reduction obtainable by using RNS in the MDP signal processing chain. The work will involve VHDL coding/simulation and FPGA-prototyping.

Examiner/Supervisor at CTH: Lars Bengtsson (labe@chalmers.se)

Supervisor at the company: Anders Åhlander (anders.ahlander@saabgroup.com)


• Study the MPD radar principle. • Study the RNS number system with focus on circuit (FPGA) implementation. Initially using a 3-moduli set and later using a higher order moduli set. • Model (and code using VHDL) the MPD signal processing chain using traditional binary (2’s-complement) numbers. Verify by simulations (ModelSim) and then by synthesizing to FPGA and verify “in-circuit”. Using varying wordlenghts (8?, 16, 32, 64? bits ) • Do the same as above but now use circuits using RNS and a 3-order moduli set. • Evaluate the performance (in terms of power, area, and speed/throughput/delay/etc) of both binary/2s-compl. And RNS. • Repeat above using a higher ordered RNS moduli set. • Now (if there is time) investigate if it is possible at all to use RNS and floating point numbers ?


1. Planning report. 2-3 pages including a “Gant chart”. 2. Half-time report. 4-5 pages (can be just a bulleted list of what you have accomplished sofar; and what is left to be done) 3. Final report. 25-50 pages plus appendices. See master thesis pages on the WWW for detailed information.

Contact: LArs Bengtsson, D/IT, (labe@chalmers.se) DAte Posted: Jan 28 2011