CE biweekly gathering

Aug 22, 2008

Attempt at structure (!)

  • Education
  • Research and proposals
  • Personnel
  • Dept. organization and administration
  • Chalmers outside CSE
  • AOI


  • Industrial PhD students will need to spend 10% of their time teaching
  • TA assignment for courses? Who is responsible?
  • Anonymous exams from October


  • Proposals to Chalmers Foundation to be decided on soon
  • New rules for proposal writing (cost claims and so on)


  • Sally McKee has accepted our offer
  • Albert Nummelin (NS) and Ida Holmberg (adm) are resigning
  • Tiina Rankanen is now a regular employee
  • Stig-Göran Larsson is retiring
  • Katarina Vemdal is back at 75%
  • New economy person: Stefan Österberg

Department issues

  • Markides visits the dept. on Sep 30
  • Recruitment of successor to Sven Tafvelin (NS); also general process for recruitment
  • Internal faculty funding distribution
  • Mentor program up for evaluation
  • Administrative support for MSc Coords

Chalmers issues

  • Centre for vehicular electronics being created (Lindholmen)
  • New org. for information secretaries