CE biweekly gathering

Sep 5, 2008


  • Student administration to expand (Åsa Lundgren will support MPC)
  • Eva Axelsson (S2, RR) will join as Dept. Secretary
  • Catharina Jerkbrandt will leave for GU, but will still work for D&IT one day a week

  • Note: div. head must know also about temporary visitors etc!


  • New MSc students arrived; +10% overall
  • 75(!) students for Introduction to Electronic Systems Design (43 new IESD students)
  • Thesis projects: expect a sizable increase this year compared to last year! (4–6 per faculty member)


  • Anonymous exams:
  • Name written on flap; ID checked; flap glued shut
  • Exam marked
  • Flap opened for LADOK registration
  • See also link on dept. wiki under “Education” (top left on this page)

Research and proposals

  • Very good review for microelectronics (SSF + VR + Vinnova)! Yay!
  • (Some) support for all dept. Linné proposals
  • Application for Marie-Curie funding submitted (Stenström)
  • Martin Thuresson defends on Sep 19

Department issues

  • Staffan and Morten will travel to Singapore
  • Jesper Vasell (Teknikbrostiftelsen) will visit to help find commercial opportunites for research
  • Reiner coordinates EU Integrated Project (€5.3M)
  • Diversity days: Oct. 23–24 (see Lena P)

Chalmers issues

  • Markides visits dept. on Sep 30, 13–15
  • Professors may be “needed” for chat (information will be forthcoming…)
  • VP2 (planning) w/ Markides on Nov 6 (TBC)


  • Thefts from dept. lunch room :-(

  • Martin T. defends thesis on Sep 19
  • On Oct 3, Lars S will be in Linköping
  • SO, next meeting on Sep 26

Research seminar series?

  • Discussion on whether a seminar series would be started, and if so at what time slot. Please contribute to discussion.