CE "biweekly" meeting

Oct 17, 2008


  • SE alignment discussions with GU ongoing
  • Diversity@EDIT Oct 24 9-13
- Register IINS (immediately if not sooner)
- Free lunch! (OK, tanstaafl...)
  • Unification of DigoDat for D and Z programmes progressing


  • Funding for Computing Sciences' Language Technology Linnaeus proposal
- Göteborg University injects 3 .. 7 MSEK


  • Sibylle Schupp leaves the department for TU Hamburg
  • Recruiting starts for SET (*2), ID, NS
  • New coordinator for Software-engineering programme needed
- GU coordination

Department issues

  • Disk backup policies will change (Arne's point); those affected will get email
  • New work environment representatives: Lars B, Marianne, Uno, Åsa
  • YFo ("Young Researcher") cross-department group to be started
  • Department register of employee next-of-kin is likely outdated and will need to be updated; email will follow
  • SÄPO will visit the department to map out sensitive technologies (if any)
  • Department contribution to PhD party questioned for account reviewing reasons; likely to be abolished
  • Semiannual operation planning round ongoing, in preparation for Nov 6 meeting with POTU (President Of The University)

Chalmers issues

  • New funding from Chalmers Foundation stopped for the time being
- Includes trickle funding for ChaParall
  • Department has expressed interest in taking part in large-scale action for workers laid off in vehicular industry
- More funding would be needed