CE "biweekly" meeting

Nov 28, 2008


  • State-of-the-programme meeting for IESD. Consensus:
- Flexible course code: "Topics in Electronic System Design", 7.5hp
- Master thesis production must be increased! More in-house theses!
- Admission process needs support
  • Should Datorsystemteknik be given in English?
  • Civilingenjör Datateknik will (likely) require one of the 6 dept. masters programmes
- Due to request for simplification of graduation process
  • Search is still on for programme coordinator for SE master programme

Department issues

  • Three working groups are being created
- Process for recruiting and promotion (Lars S representing the division)
- Young Researchers (YFo:s) to work on increasing the external funding (Ulf A)
- Criteria for distribution of internal funding (fakultetsmedel) (Per S)
  • Old mail domains (including ce.chalmers.se) will be deprecated; mail will still be forwarded 6 months, but a "soft bounce" message will be sent to the originator


  • Ricardo del Barrio (PhD student, Malaga) visiting Per S (Dec - Feb) has arrived!
  • Faculty positions (NS, 2xSET, ID) moving through the system
- NS + 2xSET now posted
- Soft hiring freeze! Only possible to replace departed faculty members! Rector signature needed for expansion!

Personnel (meta)

  • Complaints about information on faculty positions
  • All cases will be sent to the Collegium for opinions/debate until new process (see above) can be applied
  • Suggestions for improvement at the division level highly appreciated!

Chalmers issues

  • Idea of hiring postdocs to offload senior faculty again not so hot ...
  • In VP dialogues, ALL departments have complained about workload!


  • New round of performance reviews will be initiated in early 2009
  • Salary adjustments in mid-2009