CE "biweekly" meeting

Feb 20, 2009


  • Replacement for Per W
- Two candidates left
  • Substitute for Katarina V
- One candidate left
  • Recruitment of ProViking-financed student for Per L-E
- 59 applications
- 3 called in for interview


  • EDITZ evaluation finished
- Response submitted from dept. (also from other depts, programmes, etc)
- Update of final report with no large changes
- Summary distributed (in Swedish)
  • URKUND system for plagiarism detection will be introduced
  • Sound baffles on their way for the course labs
  • No word yet about tuition fees

Research and proposals

  • Dept. has nominated Per S for Wallenberg Scholar
- Chalmers will submit 2 such nominations to the KAW Foundation
  • Strategic funding proposals still being worked on
- Division contributions at least to ICT, E-Sceince, Manufacturing
  • ICT: six areas (don't trust these names!)
- High-speed electronics
- Devices and materials
- Communication theory
- Antennas
- Safety/security
- Parallelism

Department issues

  • Planning process kicks in again
- "Strategy Day" for division faculty (March 10)
- Five-year plan to Dept. on April 4
  • 2008 economical preliminary results
- Surplus
  • SUHF overhead calculation model will mean higher overhead figures (5%)

Chalmers issues

  • Salary review coming up
- Doodle poll will be used for salary talks
  • "Academies" for ICT, automotive, etc
- Coordination of educational (and research?) offerings for certain industry sector