CE biweekly meeting

March 09, 2009


  • Johan Hansén, replacement for Per Waborg, will join the dept. on Apr 1
- Per W will support during transition
  • Eva Paulson, substitute for Katarina Vemdal, starts today (Monday)
  • Philippas Tsigas installation lecture this Wednesday
  • SE positions now at hiring committee (AK)


  • Thesis project start requirements have been stricter at Dept. than centrally (60 vs 45 hp)
- Likely to be relaxed
  • Evaluation of general reception of international masters students at Chalmers is underway
- Student Union will help
  • General evaluation of all international masters programmes will be carried out

Research and proposals

  • Strategic Resource applications
- Support letters from industry coming in
- Dept., div. planning must reflect the SR plans
- Make sure that all home pages are updated (reviewers will Google!)
  • Chalmers Initiatives will likely be morphed to reflect all the thinking that has gone into these applications!

Department issues

  • 2009 budget has surplus (4.4M)
- Space to hire postdocs. Women graduate students?
  • Books closed on undergrad and master education for 2008
- Deficit for CE, NS (CE: -2.4M)
- Analysis pending (likely too large)
- Also, labs are expensive!

Chalmers issues

  • Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket) has inspected Chalmers
- Clarify alcohol policy
- Weak routines for work environment issues
- Workspace for students
  • Mandatory courses for all research advisors

Computer support issues

  • ITS file server procurement failed
- our migration will be delayed
  • Consider migrating web sites onto new web server (old one is going away)
  • Email, calendar service will be replaced this summer
- Oracle out, Microsoft in
  • Microsoft Sharepoint to be installed by fall