No CE biweekly meeting

March 18, 2009


  • Eva Paulson takes over from Katarina Vemdal on April 1
  • Interaction Design faculty position has five applicants
  • 4 new PhD students coming in to SET
  • Modified process for recruitment has been developed; will be sent to the faculty collegium for comments
- Divisions will have expanded responsibilities for finding candidates, external evaluators, etc


  • Sven Engström (Vice President for Undergraduate Education) proposes a scratch re-start of all EDIT programmes from 2011
- Very large undertaking; will need help from all departments
  • Proposal to develop a CSE "minor" for masters programmes in other domains
- Time now to collect inputs from mechanical engineering, construction eng., etc.
- Talk to Christer Carlsson and Jan Jonsson
- E-Science application should provide input here

Research and proposals

  • Updated procedures for PhD and Licentiate defenses are on the web (Swedish only still)
  • Strategic appliciations submitted
- SEK 3.3B in total
- Make sure to clean up web pages, since evaluators will be googling!
- These are the new Chalmers Initiatives, and a successful application will seed a Center

Department issues

  • New work environment investigation coming up; nothing fixed yet
  • Policy clarification: Dept. will not pay for a 3G broadband connection for an employee
- Possible exception: someone traveling a lot within Sweden (anyone?)
  • Necessary to call in sick when appropriate, or management cannot follow up problems. Especially important for students: a long sick leave will stop the clock on the Time To Graduate!

Chalmers issues

  • New building ("Kuggen") to be constructed at Campus Lindholmen
- Good idea to find activities to house there