CE biweekly meeting

June 1, 2009


  • Lars Bengtsson is now a Docent. Congratulations!
  • Rolf Snedsböl receives the IT student pedagogical price (again)!
  • Interviews for SE faculty positions this week
  • Post-doc recruitment ongoing; Per S to interview two candidates this week


  • Applications for all EE, CSE, IT programmes are up
- 40% to 100% for the different programmes
  • Admissions at master level have been reduced by about 35 slots for the programmes within the dept.
  • Proposal to reduce admissions at bachelor level by about 10%
  • Better students (hopefully)
  • Less funding for teaching (ramps down over ~3 years)

Research and proposals

  • Strategic initiative proposal feedback arrived on May 28
  • ICT: OUtstanding (5/5)
- LU + LiU + BTH + HH, KTH + SU also Outstanding
  • E-Science @ CHalmers: Excellent (4/5)
  • Transportation: Excellent (4/5)
  • Production: Excellent (4/5)
  • E-Science @ GU: unclear to me

Department issues

  • Semiannual meeting with Univ. President on May 26
  • Extremely brief summary of feedback:
- Fix up the SE situation!
- Increase international exchange!
- Improve gender balance, esp. among PhD students!

Chalmers issues

  • New salaries are ready; will be communicated individually
  • Strategical partnership with Ericsson seems to be in the works
- Unclear how we could benefit
- Per S has gotten cold calls from Ericsson researchers lately!?


  • Dept. summer party on June 9
- Respond to Doodle poll if not done already!
  • Division web pages should be brushed up!
  • Suggested timeslot for seminar series with NS: Fridays at 10 or 13
- Not every week -- maybe once a month?