CE biweekly meeting

June 15, 2009


  • Recruiting committee working on ID position
  • Jörgen Hansson + Robert Fält recommended for SE positions
  • Jan Bosch visits dept. today
  • Jubilee chair next year (again!)
- Systems biology


  • Patrik Jansson will develop a CS minor for other master programmes
  • Work goes on to join SE master with that of ITIT

Research and proposals

  • Strategic initiative proposal feedback arrived on May 28
  • ICT: Outstanding (5/5) [not funded]
- LU + LiU + BTH + HH, KTH + SU also Outstanding [both funded]
  • E-Science @ CHalmers: Excellent (4/5) [not funded]
  • Transportation: Excellent (4/5) [funded]
  • Production: Excellent (4/5) [funded]
  • E-Science @ GU: unclear to me [not funded]

Department issues

  • Semiannual meeting with Univ. President on May 26
- Fix up the SE situation!
- Increase international exchange!
- Improve gender balance, esp. among PhD students!
  • Last point very important; will affect future funding levels if not straightened up.
  • Corner lounges will be glassed in

Chalmers issues

  • Great results for Chalmers in strategic funding proposals
- ... but ICT and E-Science were nixed :-(
  • Sketch for new University organization is being prepared
- Includes strategic areas as a third dimension in addition to the departmental and the teaching organizations
  • Reorganization of all teaching along lines of EDIT are being floated


  • Division web pages should be brushed up!
  • Suggested timeslot for seminar series with NS: Fridays at 10 or 13
- Not every week -- maybe once a month?
  • Summer staffing will be posted at mail room

Have a nice summer; next div meeting on August 24 (tentative)