CE biweekly meeting

Aug 24, 2009


  • Jörgen Hansson + Robert Fält have accepted offers for SE positions
  • Jan Bosch: not committed but looks positive
  • Ulf A gives docent lecture Aug 28, 1:15pm, in the EDIT room (3364)
  • Eva Paulson has a new process in place for managing new arrivals (including thesis workers)
- Ready for launch in September
  • Suggestion that CSE may share personnel officer with ITIT?
  • Pierre Kleberger admitted to PhD studies!


  • Master programme evaluation going on
- Questionnaire has been sent out to previous and current students
- Feedback will go to programme coordinators
  • Bachelor programme applications up by ~50% across the board!
- Last admittee's grades much better than last year
  • Waiting eagerly for international master programme students

Research and proposals

  • 2 new STREPs accepted, with CSE coordination (Computing Sciences)
  • Language Technology group receives support from GU
- Looking to hire 5? people
  • Sally McKee in consortium for STREP; negotiation on Sep 2
  • Staffan Sjödin offers support for further EU grant proposal development

Department issues

  • Now possible to recruit assistant professors ("FoAss") locally, without going through central hiring committee
- Need to reassess recruitment process descriptions; previous group will be called in again briefly
  • Space wars:
- Corner lounges will be glassed in
- New SE hires will likely work out of Lindholmen
- Further thinking goes on, but all known newcomers this fall are accounted for

Chalmers issues

  • ICT one of Chalmers's areas of strength, regardless of grant proposal rejection
  • Chalmers-wide risk analysis process will go on during 2009-2010
  • Pandemic planning now
- More information will follow; possibly increase staffing levels in labs, classrooms
  • New building to be erected at Lindholmen
- Pile driving will disturb personnel there
- Peter Lundin (NS) will contact all dept. personnel there on this issue


  • CSE information and marketing material will be brushed up
- Includes CE web pages
- Lars B will be CE representative in CSE working group, so may contact us all for info
  • New Microsoft Exchange calendar system installed (Chalmers-wide)
- Easier synch with PCs, Macs
  • Microsoft Sharepoint installed Chalmers-wide
- Includes video conference system
- One conference room will likely be fitted with a telecon setup
  • Mail servers will be swapped sometime in the fall
- Migration is easy but needs to be planned, as email access is closed off during migration
- May take minutes for small mailboxes but may need to be scheduled overnight for large ones