CE biweekly meeting

Sep 21, 2009


  • Roger Johansson presented ICT Academy (briefly)
  • Latest info says tuition fees from 2011
  • Fee for applying to master programmes will likely be introduced ($100?)
- Assume waivers for poor countries


  • Peter Öhman (SET) on leave for one more year
  • Morten Fjeld to move to Lindholmen
  • Ruben Gonzalez has accepted PostDoc offer (from 0100101)
  • ID faculty position search inconclusive

Department issues

  • Junior faculty members can be recruited locally
- Local hiring committee will be set up
- Chalmers hiring committee must still be involved, albeit not actively
  • Div heads up for optional second term

Department economy

  • Economy followup: larger surplus than projected
- Delays in hiring
  • Teaching is still in the red!
- Fewer students...
- Figures still fishy (imho)
  • There may be lessons in how the strategy funding applications were worked out!

Chalmers issues

  • Focus areas identified (including ICT)
- A director will be named for each
  • Principles of funding distribution up for discussion (again...)


  • Email server swap scheduled for Oct 19-21
- Each user will lack email connectivity for one of these evenings
- If date is very inconvenient, yell now
- Seminars in following day(s)
  • Dates to avoid for Christmas party? If so, tell Eva Paulson