No CE biweekly meeting

Oct 5, 2009

No meeting on Oct 5 as I'm on travel. Here is an info summary of what I might have talked about.


  • NS faculty position: three strong candidates; back to hiring committee next week
  • ID position will be withdrawn (best candidates were a bad fit topically)
  • No news either way for third SE position


  • Many students seek to get credit for external courses with iffy examination forms (web etc). Beware!
  • Thesis project process description to be delivered to ILG 6 weeks from now


  • New Chalmers-wide policy for side employment for PhD students being developed
- Likely quite restrictive
  • New research schools for the Styrkeområden (complementing the existing ones)
- At least for the externally-funded styrkeområden
  • Followup project for HATS will be funded
  • Followup project to TIMMO will be submitted (good prospects; Vinnova)
  • Followup project for SIGYN will be funded
  • E-Science discussions with GU continuing

Department issues

  • Equipment for visualisation (~ SEK 1M) will be purchased

Chalmers issues

  • Chalmers Foundation will not fund a followup to IMPACT
- Maybe Chalmers could take over?
  • Continuing discussions with Ericsson about long-term funding
  • New Director at Vinnova will visit Chalmers; will be fed info about our Software Center ideas


  • Christmas party at Liseberg on Dec 12