No CE biweekly meeting

Oct 19, 2009


  • Four candidates for NS faculty position will be interviewed on Dec 9
  • John Hughes will hire Alejandro Russo as a post-doc
  • Tomas Sandén (KnowIT) will be consulting with the dept. at 25%; will resign chairmanship of Dept. council as a consequence


  • Samuel Bengmark to resign as coordinator for IT programme
- Can a replacement be found in D&IT?
- Note that Omstart EDIT may affect the duration of this assignment
  • Catarina will take over the SE master programme temporarily
- Realignment with SE master at ITIT
  • CS at GU is being evaluated according to the new HSV model for evaluation
- All institutes of higher learning will be thus evaluated
- An unfavorable evaluation may cause loss of examination rights!
- One component will be sampling of thesis reports, to ensure that a minimum level is reached
- Expect new and more detailed guidelines for thesis reports!


  • New opportunities to work with Google, incl. possibly funding for graduate students
- See Aarne Ranta
  • Research Leaders of the Future: sizable grands from SSF
- Need to be born 1970 or later, PhD 2004 - 2006
  • Also ERC Starting Grants from the European Commission

Department issues

  • Health screening for all employees coming up
  • Budget work for 2010 is going on
- Faculty funding ("fakultetsmedel") up by 3% over 2009
- Distribution model used across Chalmers also used across D&IT
  • First allotment according to formulas. Roughly:
- 190' per full faculty member (Universitetslektor and up); plus
- 100' per full professor; plus
- 170' per PhD student graduated during last 5 years; plus
- matching funds for 9% of external funding.
  • Result: increase from 3088' to 3860'
- Still some money left to distribute both at the Chalmers and at the D&IT level


  • Email migration today!